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Approval Of 2023 Homeland Security Bill

On June 24th, 2022, the House Appropriations Committee approved the 2023 Homeland Security Bill which provides funding to make effective investments in border security and allows for providing our infrastructure with more funding to prevent cyber-attacks. The bill supports a new pay system for Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to confirm that the employees are getting paid the same as other federal workers. The bill has also allowed for border processing to be more efficient as well as for there to be improved conditions in facilities for immigrants.

There are many amendments to the bill implemented by the Committee that will be beneficial in the long run. There will be more funding given to the USCIS for processing DACA applications and work authorizations. Also, the Special Immigrant Juvenile Status children are excused from employment-based visa caps. Moreover, the bill provides more finding for processing DACA applications and work authorizations. The amendment allows to make additional H-2B visas and waives certain rulemaking requirements to expedite visa approvals. Moreover, the authorization to issue H-2A visas for agricultural work is also instituted by this bill. This Homeland Security bill offers many advantageous benefits for this country.