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Illegal Immigration

Biden Has Resumed the Building of the Wall on The U.S.-Mexican Border

By August 3, 2022August 5th, 2022No Comments

The Biden Administration is authorizing U.S. Customs and Border Protection to close openings in the border wall. The Department of Homeland Security clarified that the Yuma Morelos Dam Project will close these gaps to prohibit migrants from drowning when trying to cross the Colorado river. It is said to prevent migrants from getting injured slipping on a slip in this section of the river. Also, flooding will be prevented from the closure of these small gaps near Yuma, Arizona, according to the DHS.

Biden stopped new wall construction when he took office, but he wants to close these gaps in Yuma. He communicated that closing these gaps will not deter immigrants from entering the United States but will simply provide further safety for them while doing so. Customs and Border Protection communicated that they are working to fix the life hazard risks for migrants that are trying to cross into the United States. However, this is concerning as countless migrants enter through these four gaps. The completion of the U.S.-Mexico border wall has been authorized by the Biden Administration despite it being a busy entranceway for illegal crossings.