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Biden’s ICE Guidelines Will Not Be Implemented

President Joe Biden’s policy that restricts immigration arrests will not be implemented, according to the Supreme Court. The administration made a request to focus on detaining immigrants that violated federal laws, as opposed to all immigrants without legal status in the U.S. It wanted to give a break to immigrants with difficult situations, like grandparents caring for American children, as just being in this country without authorization should not be the sole basis for their removal. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court denied this request and a Texas district judge declared that the deportation officers cannot just focus on one group of immigrants, as Biden’s strategy suggested.

Many Republican attorneys and judges did not agree with the process of ICE focusing their attention on only one specific group of immigrants. They argued that overlooking the presence of immigrants that do not pose a threat to this country cuts into the costs of immigrants’ education, health care, etc. On the other hand, advocates for Biden’s policy stated that the limited resources ICE is allocated to detain illegal immigrants should be used to ensure security of the border by removing only the offenders from this country, and others that make a threat to the public safety. Ultimately, the lack of funding should not be utilized in deporting every person eligible for deportation, but just those that have broken the law and contributed to criminal activity.