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  • “Mr. Jeelani worked with my wife and I getting my children immigration visas. Everything seemed to becoming to an end when my son Kyle and I went to the American Embassy for our interview November 2014. Well we seemed to be cruising along when we got to the interview window and a women who did not spend more than a minute to read our file said she could not issue a visa who she believed was a US citizen and requested me to go to American Services. We did this and the requests were simply impossible to do. I did my best as I email the embassy with there information and never heard a word back from them. In January I got back with Mr Jeelani’s office and spoke with Mr Jeelani with regards to what happened. He had a solution and one with quick resolve. He was very confident that we would get our approval and for me to relax.
    In May I received a call from the American Embassy requesting my email address so they could send me information to set up another interview. The interview day my son and I arrived early. Well we were still the last ones called and I knew we were going to get special attention. We did get that as 2 people read the entire file and the both of them spent a considerable amount of time with us and they asked some very good questions. We did get the approval and I was ecstatic.
    Mr Jeelani confidence in his abilities were especially reassuring. His explanations to what was going to happen and what was happening were right on. I will not hesitate to recommend his to anyone. He did an absolutely fantastic job for me!”
  • “Great Lawyer”
    5.0 stars
    Posted by Mahesh
    August 17, 2015
  • “He was very helpful. he knew exactly what to do. I send him documents once and he took care of everything. His fees also were very reasonable.”
  • “Heaven sent!”
    5.0 stars
    Posted by Kimberly
    August 6, 2015
  • “I am happy today because Mr. Jeelani and his staff have help me actualize the dream of my now husband entering into the US. For the most part they are very specific and organized in what documents and forms that need to be provided and where very instrumental in getting our approval in a very quick time. I look forward to us working together again to obtain my husbands green card. I would recommend them to anyone who desires to be united with love ones abroad! “
  • “Greencard ”
    5.0 stars
    Posted by Selemani
    August 6, 2015
  • “When i had to remove the condition to get my 10 year greencard approved, my ex wife refused to help me .i went to all the attorney around mid michigan and most of them said my case was hard and they couldnt help me. Luckly i found Mr Jeelani , i told him me situation and we started working on my case.he stood by my side on everystep untill my case was approved .Thanks a lot Mr JEELANI. “
  • “Very good attorney”
    4.0 stars
    Posted by anonymous
    August 5, 2015
  • “Hashim pulled off a miracle getting someone into the country that I did not think he would be capable of. I referred him to someone else who used him and was very happy with him as well. He put together an excellent case for getting who we needed into the country. One thing I wish he would have done is outline all of the costs involved up front. Twice we signed up with him to have him do work, and then found out after we signed up that there were further fees that needed to be paid. These were government fees so I do not believe he was gouging us, but it is more a matter of expectation setting. Still, I think he is an excellent attorney who puts a lot of work into his cases, and I would highly recommend him. “
  • “Very prompt service”
    4.0 stars
    Posted by Aliasgar
    August 5, 2015
  • “Mr Hashim’s, law firm was very helpful and prompt with all documentation and paperwork and gave me good suggestions for possible interview questions which were actually asked.”
  • “Uscis case”
    5.0 stars
    Posted by Moustafa
    August 4, 2015
  • “Hashim is an excellent lawyer. I hired him to help me with my naturization case. My application was in review for more than 2 years. He was able to finalize it in 3 months. He did a great job communicating with the uscis. He went to the interview with myself and granted me the citizenship. “
    5.0 stars
    Posted by Dan
    December 15, 2014
  • “This was the third time I have used Jeelani law firm and I just can’t say enough good things about them!! My first dealing was an immigration issue which after 2 years of nothing with other attorneys Hashim had it resolved within a few months. I have dealt with many attorneys over the years this guy just get’s it done time after time. If you want a straight shooter and an attorney with a backbone Hashim is the guy to call!”
  • “Permanent residence card renew problem”
    5.0 stars
    Posted by Devik
    August 19, 2014
  • “I like it because my problem was solved within 3 months. First time they ask me the documents and I provide them which are available with me. They keep me posted with the updates. If I have any questions, I call them and I get the answer right away.”
  • “Excellent Immigration lawyer.”
    5.0 stars
    Posted by Moustafa
    August 6, 2014
  • “I hired Hashim to represent me in a Naturization matter. I applied myself and I was having hard time getting the USCIS to reply to my phone calls and service requests. He promised me to handle this matter in timely fashion. He was able to communicate with the US attorney office and the USCIS in a firm, professional way. He delivered a great service and he was always available. I highly recommend him without any reservations.”
  • ​”Excellent Service for Green Card Assistance”
    5.0 stars
    Posted by Kevin
    July 17, 2014
  • “Attorney Jeelani and his staff provided excellent service to my wife and I during our Green Card filing and application process.Attorney Jeelani’s staff was kind, responsive, and accurate in their information and thoroughness.We are glad to have chosen this firm to assist us in helping to obtain my wife’s Green Card.
    Attorney Jeelani’s fees were reasonable and competitive. We would highly recommend this firm to anyone who is seeking legal status change.
    They provided step-by-step instruction all along the way and helped to make a daunting and intimidating task stress free and very smooth.
    Thank you Attorney Jeelani and all of your wonderful staff!”
  • ​Fiancée visa
    5.0 stars
    Posted by André
    June 11, 2014
  • “My review is mostly based on the meetings and interactions I had with Sarah Ajlawi (paralegal). She was very knowledgeable, helpful, kind, considerate, and professional. I have only delt with Sarah and never met Hashim, but he is very fortunate to have her work for him.”
  • ​”Helped me in getting my OPT !!”
    5.0 stars
    Posted by Nawaz
    June 4, 2014
  • “Hashim Jeelani is very intelligent and knowledgeable lawyer.He helped me in getting me my I765 Employment card that was denied by USCIS.Before taking to him I spoke to many lawyers and every one was asking me to go for reinstatement but Attorney Jeelani suggested me to apply for MTR and I applied for it. After 6 months USCIS approved MTR but denied I765 again. We applied for MTR again and filed a lawsuit against USCIS and finally I got my employment card approved last week.My experience with Jeelani firm was very good and I would recommended it to everyone.”
  • ​”Good Lawyer For Immigration help”
    5.0 stars
    Posted by Mohamed
    May 31, 2014
  • “They helped my daughter and son in law. My son in law is from the UK…my daughter was worried about him getting deported back for being illegal. I was involved because my daughter has been turned off by attorneys after going through her long and nasty divorce. These guys made it it very simple..we met with the attorney and he was very detailed in his explanation. The paralegals were very responsive and patient with me (thank you and sorry by the way). My son in law got his status in about 6 they predicted. They have my family’s gratitude and our full support!”
  • “BIA Appeal.”
    5.0 stars
    Posted by anonymous
    May 20, 2014
  • “I went through several attorneys before I met Mr.Jeelani who understood my case after a brief phone conversation.
    He handled my case with professionalism and showed skills you hope for but normally don’t find in other attorneys.
    Unfortunately he was not able to help me on the next faze of my case but if needed in the future I won’t hesitate in hiring him again.
    I highly recommend Mr. Jeelani for any immigration matter.”
    5.0 stars
    Posted by Suleiman
    January 25, 2014
  • “Attorney Jeelani is a pleasant and knowledgeable individual. This is a gem as far as immigration law is concern. He quickly got up to speed and understood the entire problem relating to the case. He is easily accessible by phone and return e-mails promptly. He did all these at a very affordable cost. Those good qualities set him miles apart from many.
    Attorney Jeelani is miles ahead in terms of professionalism and a breath of fresh air. My wife’s H-1B extension (under a J1 VISA waiver) was mishandled by her employer and they terminated her job on the ground that she lacks the immigration requirements. What a sleazy way to fire somebody. This whole thing happens while my wife still has about 6 weeks to complete her J1 Visa waiver. Non completion would have forced her to go back to her original country of origin.
    The employer now wanted to re-hire her under unfavorable terms which I found amusing. I see that as a carrot and stick tactics. A refusal of new contract terms will force her to be out of status and result in wasted 3 years of serving her J1 VISA waiver, acceptance of new conditions will lead to more abuse down the line.
    The employer hired an Attorney for themselves to avoid paying the 90 days penalty for wrongful termination of appointment (which was included in the initial contract they signed with my wife) and violation of immigration law. Attorney Jeelani made all these known to the employer through their Attorney and they show no concern whatsoever.
    Fortunately, my wife got another job few months later. It was after this that the real immigration nightmare begins. USCIS were grilling my wife/Attorney Jeelani about the non-compliance with the J1 VISA waiver and these lead to two RFEs (Request for Evidence) to which the Attorney handle timely and excellently well. This is where I really respect Attorney Jeelani, because he drafted a memorandum of law backing the case for my wife without implicating the employer with USCIS regarding their immigration violation. This is a rare wisdom considering that most Attorneys’ are quick to exploit the other side weaknesses to make their case. That was a classic example of making your case without burning bridges with others.
    Attorney Jeelani is blessed with great knowledge of his profession and the wisdom to deal with immigration issues when relating with the client and the USCIS. We are very proud of your work Attorney Jeelani and we wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone with immigration matters. This guy will fight for you and make the case with knowledge and wisdom no matter how hard the case may be. We are impressed! Thank you very much and you are a super lawyer in our books.”
    5.0 stars
    Posted by Ashani
    October 11, 2013
  • “Mr. Jeelani has helped me get my permanent greencard. My husband caused me many problems with immigration and was making false statements with the officers, Mr. Jeelani spoke with the immigration officer and got my case into uscis and not into the court so i could get my green card. It was a relieve having Mr. Jeelani at the interview and explaining to the officer my situation. He is a very nice attorney.”
  • “good lawyer for immigration”
    5.0 stars
    Posted by Divyan
    September 30, 2013
  • “Handled my immigration appeal and won…my last attorney recommended Hashim for my kind of appeals..he knows the immigration rules very well..I didnt think the judges were going to reverse my denial but they case is approved and im done with court..very happy with this attorneys work.”