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Undocumented Immigrants

Florida Supreme Court Approves Statewide Immigration Grand Jury

On June 27th, 2022, the Florida Supreme Court approved the request to support a statewide grand jury to investigate immigration-related issues like the smuggling of undocumented children into the U.S. The grand jury will have the jurisdiction throughout the state of Florida, to investigate crime, accuse or formally charge a person for a crime, and present information to the court regarding an offense. The grand jury can look into parents, guardians, or other family members of unaccompanied alien children who have conspired with transnational criminal organizations.

The grand jury would work on investigating how the international smuggling networks violated Florida law and how the organizations smuggled undocumented children into the U.S. The grand jury also has the authority to investigate crimes involving drug trafficking, kidnapping, murder, prostitution, burglary, and many other offenses involving violations of Florida regulations.

Also, Florida Governor DeSantis signed a bill (SB 1808) that stops state and local government agencies from contracting with companies that bring undocumented immigrants into the state of Florida. The contracts of these vendors will not be renewed.