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From H-1B Visa to Green Card: Break Down

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If you’re an H-1B visa holder aiming to transition to a Green Card in the United States, understanding the process is essential. Let’s explore the key steps involved in this journey.

The H-1B Visa Overview

The H-1B Visa program is designed for international students who have completed their higher education in the United States and wish to work in the country. It allows U.S. employers to hire international talent with specific skills and a university degree.

The H-1B visa is a nonimmigrant work permit, allowing foreign workers to temporarily work and reside in the U.S. for up to six years. It is known for its relative ease and speed compared to the standard Permanent Resident Card application process.

Transitioning from H-1B to Green Card

Transitioning from an H-1B visa to a Green Card is a straightforward process involving these key steps:

Step 1: Secure Employer Sponsorship

Initiate the journey by securing sponsorship from your employer, as you cannot obtain an employment-based Green Card without their support. In many cases, your current H-1B sponsor can also sponsor your Green Card, but ensure your position aligns with Green Card requirements.

Step 2: PERM Labor Certification

Your employer begins the process by initiating the PERM Labor Certification. This step determines your future wage and position within the company, aligning with Green Card requirements. Completing this step is crucial to advancing in the Green Card process.

Step 3: File Form I-140

After PERM Labor Certification approval, your employer files Form I-140, which demonstrates to USCIS that they can fulfill the commitments outlined in the PERM Labor Certification, including financial stability. A waiting period follows, with a priority date assigned.

Step 4: File Form I-485

Form I-485, also known as the ‘Green Card’ form, is the final step. Once approved, it grants you permanent resident status.

H-1B to Green Card Timeline

The timeline for transitioning from H-1B to Green Card typically takes up to six months under normal conditions. However, individual circumstances can cause variations. Initiating the application process early is advisable to avoid potential delays.
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