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Mastering the E2 Visa: Your Comprehensive Guide

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Understanding the E2 Visa

The E2 Visa is a remarkable opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs. It is a non-immigrant visa for investors, granting you the ability to reside in the United States, establish a U.S. business, invest in another business, and actively work for that enterprise.

Benefits of an E2 Visa

The E2 Visa comes with a host of advantages:

Under the E2 Visa program, you have the flexibility to establish and actively manage your business in the United States. Additionally, this visa extends its benefits to your family members, including your spouse and unmarried children under 21, who can also apply for E2 visas. This means that your spouse can obtain work authorization in the U.S., while your children can enroll in U.S. schools. One of the notable advantages of the E2 Visa is its absence of a fixed minimum investment requirement, allowing for investments as low as $50,000. Furthermore, E2 Visa holders can renew their visas indefinitely, enabling some individuals to reside in the U.S. for 15 years or more. It’s worth noting that unlike many other non-immigrant visas, the E2 Visa does not mandate the maintenance of a foreign residence.

In order to be eligible for an E2 Visa, you must satisfy a set of eight key requirements:

  • You must be a national of a country that has an E2 treaty with the United States.
  • You must have the intent to depart the United States once your E2 status expires.
  • You must make a substantial investment in a U.S. company.
  • The business in which you invest must be actively engaged in for-profit operations.
  • The business should not be considered a marginal enterprise and must have the capacity to generate a sustainable income.
  • Your primary purpose for entering the U.S. should be to oversee and advance your E2 business.
  • Your investment funds must have been obtained through lawful means.
  • Your investment must be firmly committed to the E2 business and placed at risk, rather than held in reserve.

The E2 visa process involves three main stages:

The E2 visa application process consists of three primary stages. Initially, the document gathering phase, which usually spans about a month, involves compiling all the necessary paperwork. Subsequently, the legal preparation stage takes approximately two weeks as your immigration attorney completes and files your E2 petition. The final phase involves either consular processing, taking 2-3 months, or a change of status through USCIS, which also typically takes 2-3 months but can be expedited using Premium Processing if desired.”

Duration of Stay on an E2 Visa

The duration of your E2 visa depends on the issuing country and typically ranges from 1 to 5 years. However, your status determines how long you can stay in the U.S. at a given time, generally granting 2 years upon entry, with no limit on visa renewals.

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