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New York Immigration Attorney

Immigration and Nationality Law Experts

New York City immigration attorney Hashim Jeelani Our New York immigration attorneys provide tailored solutions to clients nationwide on family and employment immigration matters.

JEELANI LAW FIRM, PLC is a national immigration law practice which represents individuals and businesses throughout the U.S. from its offices in New York. Our firm uses state of the art case management technology, online government filing systems, and certified mailings to represent clients throughout the U.S.

Given the complex nature of immigration law and the federal government’s extensive investigations processes, even the most innocent mistakes can lead to deportation proceedings, permanent bars, delays, denials, and/or loss of filing fees and valuable time. Contact our office so that we can help you make sense of what can and needs to be done. We will be there to represent you throughout the entire process.

Jeelani Law Firm, PLC

315 Madison Ave 3rd floor
New York, NY 10017
Tel: (917) 397-0097

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New York Client Reviews

  • 5.0 stars
    Posted by David R.
  • “I had an amazing experience with this law firm, from our initial call with the attorney to our paralegal Monica. She was very responsive and always answered our questions thoroughly and professionally. We felt like she really had our back and really ease any stress we had. We definitely recommend this firm.”
  • 5.0 stars
    Posted by Kevin N.
  • “I would like to personally thank counselor Muaitaer Abulaiti at Jeelani Law Firm, PLC for her professionalism, her guidance and how she championed my case. I truly feel like my burdens have been lifted. To you and the rest of your team, I applaud you for the work you have done, (I.e.). research, FOIA, EOIR, email, etc. I wish for you continued success as you help to better the lives of others such as myself.
    I can hardly contain myself, I’m so overjoyed, my nightmares are finally over and you played an integral role in making this a possibility. I occasionally pinch myself to ensure this is not a dream. I haven’t seen my daughter since she left the United States in 2017 and now being reunited with her is within my grasp!
    I have mixed emotions as my eyes welled up with tears this moment, I’m smiling and then outburst of laughter the next…
    Finally, I would definitely recommend Jeelani Law Firm to anyone who’s dealing with immigration issues. The team at this firm is well equipped to provide sound legal representation to anyone who requires peace of mind and you’ll definitely see the value in the services they provide.
    Whoever you are, wherever you are find Jeelani Law offices, retain them and let them do their magic, it’s well worth it. As the saying goes, “You can’t put a price on your peace of mind
  • 5.0 stars
    Posted by Kevinea T.
  • “I would just like to give a MIGHTY shout out to the JEELANI law firm, the very first day I spoke to Mr. Gregory Roseto he made me feel so comfortable he made me feel like family and he treated me as such. the USCIS department deny and close the case for my green card because of a misrepresentation that happens when I apply for my nonimmigrant visa through an agency to enter the US in 2014. Mr.Gregory and his team did their thing at a very reasonable cost and my case was reopened and today I am happy 😂 to say I am a green card holder, God bless you Mr. Gregory, and the rest of the team. Big up.”
  • 5.0 stars
    Posted by Joseph H.
  • “My experience working with Jeelani Law Firm, specifically the paralegal Monica Kuehl, was great. Monica was always available to answer any questions and would respond in a timely manner. She took alot of the stress from this process away and was very courteous and professional throughout. I look forward to working with Monica again for the adjustment of status when the time comes.”
  • 5.0 stars
    Posted by Miguel G.
  • “I wanted to change my Jamaican passport to my American passport. I spoke with Hila wise at the law firm and she was very helpful. She told me about what documents were needed and gave me a good time frame about when I would receive my us passport. I love this law firm they were very professional and courteous. I would once again like to thank Hila wise for her help putting everything together.”
  • 5.0 stars
    Posted by Jennifer R.
  • “My experience with this law firm was incredible. For the short notice the lawyer had to get all my my documents together only a brilliant mind can perform such task. I won my case and I thank God to guide me to choose that law firm. I will recommend anyone to the law firm who is looking for an Anthony to deliver great work.”
  • 5.0 stars
    Posted by Edison V.
  • “Very efficient law office, they made the whole process manageable and they keep me informed all the time, I greatly recommend this law office, I also would like to thank Adriana for being very professional and helpful all the time”
  • 5.0 stars
    Posted by Jose T.
  • “My experience with Jeelani Law has been absolutely fantastic. Muaitaer was assigned to my case and I could not have been happier with her responsiveness and attention to detail. With her help, I was able to get approved for Naturalization after almost 2 years of my application being stuck in the pending stage. I highly recommend this firm. Thank you!”
  • 5.0 stars
    Posted by Mumtaz S.
  • “I would recommend Jeelani law firm to anyone having complex immigration issues. Mr.Jeelani was very professional&very knowledgeable. Also Ms. Abulaiti worked with me and answered all my questions that arose. I had contacted other lawyers but never received anything helpful. Ms. Hila had also helped in getting my husband’s appointment@US Consulate in Karachi. I am grateful for their team. I was at ease having spoken with them because no one was really guiding me. Thank you!”
  • 5.0 stars
    Posted by Rajeev K.
  • “Mr Jeelani did an excellent job in filing Writ of Mandamus and get the approval from USCIS. I am extremely happy and well satisfied for the work he did. He is very responsive. His knowledge in the Immigration law is commendable. Mr Jeelani is definitely worth considering for any Immigration law needs.”
  • 5.0 stars
    Posted by Luis B.
  • “Great Service, I did my Citizenship and my wife’s Green Card Mr. Jeelani. He is very knowledgeable and very friendly, easy to talk to. His staff was also very helpful in getting the documentation ready, once the applications were submitted they were both very fast without any hiccups. Mr. came to both my interviews and his presence gave my wife and I peace of mind and made the interview process very smooth. Overall is a great law firm with great staff. Thank you Mr. Jeelani and Delia Madrigal”
  • 5.0 stars
    Posted by Sab
  • “Thank You Mr JEELANI & his team for taking care of my case as a family, Delia Madrigal senior paralegal always there to support & respond professionally.
    I still remember & Mr Jeelani recalled me also the first time I talk to him about my case I was confused and afraid to discuss how can I proceed my case but Mr Jeelani made me comfortable and listened attentively, my case went so smooth.
    I can’t thank enough to Mr JEELANI & DELIA for taking care of my case with excellent outcome.”
  • 5.0 stars
    Posted by Abhishek J.
  • “Highly satisfactory !I consulted Jeelani Law Firm for green card file of my wife. MrJeelani understood our case and situation so well and so he could connect with every single aspect.Mr.Jeelani and staff are very knowledgable,kind,considerate and professional.I visited a few lawyers before him , but the day i met him i was like i am at the perfect place and it did prove till the end of the process . Delia also helped at every single step of the process making it swift and stress free . We useto call and email her every now and then whenever we had questions or doubts and she patiently and professionally helped us out right away.The fees are reasonable too. We sent the documents and they would take care of everything. They helped us with excellent paperwork and prompt documentation. Mr.Jeelani even guided us with possible interview questions. I highly recommend Jeelani law firm.”
  • 5.0 stars
    Posted by Yassine J.
  • “Highly recommend Jeelani law firm .Great and easy to work with, highly efficient and helpful. They have answers to everything . I will certainly continue to use them . if you have any immigration case , this place is the best.”
  • 5.0 stars
    Posted by Ayman K.
  • “Best immigration lawyer in thee city helped me with my green card i was stuck with i-485 for 4 years Jeelani got everything done in 1 month got my green card one of the top lawyers he will definitely get the work done highly recommended”
  • 5.0 stars
    Posted by Sandra
  • “A Big THANK YOU TO ALL the team members at the JEELANI LAW FIRM that help me and my son in obtaining OUR Citizenship.❤❤👍🎉🎊 🙏🏾🙏🏾”
  • 5.0 stars
    Posted by Sakshi J.
  • “Mr Jeelani handled my immigration petition. His team is professional and always responsive. I would highly recommend this firm for all your immigration needs.”
  • 5.0 stars
    Posted by Shao-Ting S.
  • “Top of the top, professional guide and assistance for my O1 case, I confronted some serious misunderstood by USCIS, Mr, Hashim kindly calm me down and helped me to solve the issue with his assistant Muaitaer with efficiency and professional guide.”
  • 5.0 stars
    Posted by Iris C.
  • “I had gone through a lot of anxiety with the process, and Hila Wise reassured me that all will be processed, it will just take a little longer with the Covid 19. Thank-you Hila for your professional help, and most of all your patience.”
  • 5.0 stars
    Posted by Kevin S.
  • “There is no possible way that we could have maneuvered this process without the help of Delia M and the Jeelani law firm. Thank you so much!”
  • 5.0 stars
    Posted by Erika H.
  • “Mr. Jeelani is very thorough and helped us with citizenship very quickly, very professional staff as well.”

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