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Numbers of Cubans Fleeing to U.S. Skyrockets

By September 4, 2022October 8th, 2022No Comments

The number of Cubans fleeing their birth country to settle in the United States is the highest that it is been in four decades. Cubans are escaping their country and taking on dangerous voyages to the United States by traveling by air, land, and sea. The economic conditions and poverty throughout Cuba are the ultimate driving factor of these migrants fleeing the country. They also fear for their safety and well-being in Cuba and are desperate to find a better quality of life for themselves in the United States. So, they are taking matters into their own hands and setting out on hazardous journeys to make it to this country.

Many have fled to this country on speedboats and inflatable rubber rings. Those who cannot afford speedboats are arriving in this country on homemade rafts crafted from wood. While hiding from immigration border control authorities, they survive on eating grass and drinking river water. If these immigrants are able to successfully make it to the United States without being detained or deported, they are seeking asylum here and hoping to bring their families along with them. More and more Cubans are entering the country every day in hopes of finding safety and prosperity in this land.

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