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Parolees Can File Form I-765 Online

By August 3, 2022August 5th, 2022No Comments

Form I-765 can now be filed online by certain parolees. Undocumented immigrants that are paroled in the United States for humanitarian or public benefit purposes are able to file for employment authorization online using Form I-765. If USCIS approves the filing for Form I-765, recipients have the right to employment in this country. It typically takes about five to seven months for USCIS to process this form.

This new update to this application process will make it efficient for parolees to obtain their employment authorization and will simplify this process entirely for applicants and immigration officials altogether. Processing times will also be condensed, and the application procedure overall will be easier. To file this form virtually, a USCIS account must first be created and then an application can be filed under an eligible employee authorization category. USCIS could possibly deny an application if a specific category is not selected by a parolee.