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The Department of Homeland Security does NOT take a citizenship case lightly; it decides a naturalization case with a high level of scrutiny and extensive background and character investigations. Even the slightest of mistakes or omissions in a filing can lead to a denial of your application, or worse, place you in removal proceedings. Which is why it is crucial that you do NOT take any risks and hire a competent Attorney when making representations to the Department of Homeland Security. ONLY a licensed immigration attorney can represent you before the Department of Homeland Security.

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A person can become a U.S. citizen in the following ways:

-Birth in the U.S.
-Adoption by U.S. Citizens
-Birth Overseas to Two U.S. Citizen Parents
-Birth Overseas to One U.S. Citizen Parent (limited circumstances)

Generally, the following requirements must be met to qualify for Naturalization:

-Five years of continuous residence in the U.S. (three if married to a U.S. Citizen)
-Residency in Immigration District Where Application is Filed
-Able to Read, Write, and Speak English
-Good Moral Character
-Knowledge of U.S. History and Government

Certain applicants may request an exemption of the language or residency requirements. However, this is limited to qualifying individuals and the request must be supported by evidence of the qualification.