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Texas Governor Abbott Signs Order to Return Illegal Immigrants to Border

By July 20, 2022July 26th, 2022No Comments

On July 7th, Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order authorizing the Texas National Guard as well as Department of Public Safety to arrest illegal immigrants who cross the Mexican border into Texas and return them to the border. Instead of detaining and incarcerating them, these migrants are brought back to the border, which may result in a conflict with the federal government. The Biden Administration’s ending of Title 42 and the “Remain in Mexico” policy resulted in a border crisis as the number of illegal entries has drastically increased. Therefore, the State of Texas has been forced to secure the southern border with a wall, along with deploying military forces and taking other actions to lessen the number of illegal immigrants crossing the border wall.

The Texas Governor has taken other measures to return the undocumented residents to the border. For example, he is arresting the immigrants that are commuting other state crimes along the border. He is also issuing another order to prohibit companies and non-governmental entities from assisting illegal immigrants in their crossing of the border. In addition, he is allocating resources, issuing a disaster declaration, enhancing border security, instituting new vehicle inspection checkpoints and more to minimize the border crisis.