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Warnings Against Crossing US-Mexico Border

By July 11, 2022July 14th, 2022No Comments

The Secretary of Homeland Security issued warnings against attempting to illegally cross the US-Mexico border after 53 people died inside a trailer in San Antonio, Texas on June 27th, 2022. Since this discovery, law enforcement officials have been ordered to conduct more thorough inspections of trucks and other locations where immigrants may be found entering the country without inspection.

According to the study conducted by the Missing Migrants Project, at least 728 deaths have occurred on the US-Mexico border since 2021, and the numbers are only getting higher. In 2022 alone, at least 297 migrants have died or gone missing during their attempt to cross a border. There are reports that Mexican migrant smugglers called “coyotes” have raised their prices to profit and are not concerned about their safety.

As the ‘Remain in Mexico’ program has been terminated by the court, allowing migrants to wait in the United States while their cases are being processed will reduce their vulnerability to human traffickers and horrific incidents can be avoided.