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Why H-1B Visa Applications Get Rejected and How Jeelani Law Firm Can Help

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At Jeelani Law Firm, our experienced immigration lawyers understand the complexities surrounding H-1B visas for individuals seeking specialty occupations. In this article, we delve into the common reasons why H-1B visa applications may be rejected. While we provide valuable information below, it’s important to remember that H-1B visa applications can be highly technical, and even seemingly minor mistakes can lead to unfavorable outcomes. Therefore, we strongly recommend contacting our law firm for personalized legal assistance to navigate your unique situation.

For expert guidance in filing your H-1B visa, don’t hesitate to reach out to Jeelani Law Firm and schedule a consultation with one of our skilled H-1B visa lawyers.

Common Reasons Why An H-1B Visa Might Not Be Accepted

1. Status Issues: One common reason for H-1B visa rejection is an applicant’s prior immigration violations or a criminal history, rendering them inadmissible to the United States.

2. Specialty Occupation Definition: To qualify for an H-1B visa, the offered job must genuinely necessitate a bachelor’s degree or higher. If the position merely prefers a bachelor’s degree without being necessary for the role, it may not meet the specialty occupation requirement.

3. Quotas and High Demand: The H-1B visa has an annual quota, and the demand often exceeds the available slots. The limited number of visas is typically exhausted within the initial days of application acceptance by USCIS. This intense competition poses a significant challenge for timely submissions. This is why it is important to register right away. The H-1B registration process opens early March, so petitioners can begin registering immediately. Contact Jeelani Law Firm so we can help you with the registration process.

Common Mistakes People Make On The H-1B Visa Application

1. Timeliness: Failure to submit the H-1B visa application within the designated time frame can lead to rejection. Timely filing is crucial to secure a spot within the annual quota.

2. Labor Condition Application Errors: Employers are required to submit a labor condition application to demonstrate that they will pay H-1B workers the prevailing wage for their geographic area. Errors or inadequacies in this document can result in application denials.

Engaging the services of an immigration attorney is crucial in ensuring the success of your H-1B visa application. Our experienced lawyers at Jeelani Law Firm possess the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process, maximize your chances of approval, and help you avoid costly mistakes. For tailored legal support with your H-1B visa application, contact Jeelani Law Firm today.

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